If you want to feel the atmosphere of Bora-Bora island without being costly, come to Ora Beach!

Ora Beach is located in Seram Island, Maluku province. Powdery white sands and turquoise water with lush tropical forest as the backdrop – these are just a few of stunning sceneries you will find in Ora Beach.

The hidden gem has not yet been discovered by the world. With an exhausting trip of 6 hours long – the beach is a heaven unknown. For the love of Indonesian marine life – this destination is a must-visit place for any eco traveler.

trip to ora beach maluku, places to visit in Indonesia

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The tempting natural wonder can be seen once you reach the district of Seram Utara Barat. Limestone hills and its pristine greeneries quickly become the point of interest. From the distance, there are floating bungalows with humble huts lining on the sea. These accommodations belong to Exotic Ora Beach Resort. Some of the rooms provide direct access to the ocean, so you can view the coral reefs in the deep water right below your bungalow.

To reach the only resort floating on the sea, you need to take a boat trip. This is also a great experience as you can witness the clear blue water down under. You will likely want to jump in and find the treasures underneath! Colorful fish swim around in a giant-like aquarium – it creates dramatic scene of nature beauty at its best.

As the biggest fish resources in Indonesia, Seram Sea is packed with fishermen in the morning to work on their routine. The traditional fishing boats that park at the shoreline is another unique scene to watch.

trip to ora beach maluku, places to visit

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The activities in Ora Beach totally rely on its nature’s charm. During the day, visitors can go for snorkeling and come back for lunch. Guests can also rent a boat and enjoy the paradise or straightly jump from the room terrace for an exciting snorkeling adventure. During sunset hours, the view of this beach is simply stunning! This place makes the clock runs slow for sure! A complete tranquility from an untouched beauty – Ora Beach will never make you feel bored.

Tourists can also visit nearby villages. The Salawai river is a great place to learn sago making and collect tropical fruits. You can also spot many bird species that fly freely above you. Another unspoiled beauty is at the Masihulan hamlet. There is a wildlife conservation center that breeds parrots.

Each day is a quiet day in Ora Beach. No sound of vehicle or television set – only the chirping birds and the sound of rushing waves. Morning comes with a beautiful view from your room as the sun penetrates through the wood cracks.

Things to note

  • Diving and snorkeling are the two major activities in the site. However, there is no established diving operator in Ora Beach. Either you bring your own equipment or rent it from the nearest place.
  • It’s not advised to snorkel near the beach because the activity may cause coral damages. There are plenty of snorkeling spots a little farther to the middle.
  • It’s necessary to bring your own snacks for extra foods because there is no food stalls or restaurants at Ora Beach Resort.
  • There are some travel agencies that can plan your trip to Ora beach in a more organized and convenient way.
  • Bring mosquito repellent and wear comfortable shoes
trip to ora beach maluku, places to visit in Indonesia

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Getting there

  • Take flight to Ambon city
  • Continue 2-hour trip with speed boat from Tulehu port to Amahai (Masohi). VIP ticket costs Rp. 150.000,- whilst economy class costs Rp. 92.000,- This road trip can be done by renting a car or getting a taxi. The local communities understand the need of transportation, so once you are out of the airport, they would directly offer you what you need. Price is negotiable.
  • Once you reach Amahai, continue another 2 hours drive to Sawai Village. The road meanders may not be suitable for those who aren’t used to. Prepare any essential medication along the way.
  • From Sawai Village, you need to take a boat trip for around 15 minutes to reach Ora Beach

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Ora Beach is between the months of April to August. The summer season gives a clear view of the sea and sky. The water condition is also calm and relaxing for snorkeling and diving.

ora beach resort, trip to maluku places to visit in Indonesia

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