Indonesia,this is the biggest archipelago state in the world. And if you think about Indonesia, it may remind you about the beauty of the nature too. Indonesia really has the beautiful nature. It also has one of the best diving spots in the world.  But more than that, there are tons of beaches with the challenging waves in Indonesia. You may already know about the beauty of Bali. You may already know about the beautiful surfing spots in this island too. But Indonesia is not just Bali. If you want to try something different or just expect for a new surfing experience, you have totry these surfing spots.

1. Lombok

lombok surfing spot indonesia

photo by Surf Camp Indonesia

This is a small island next to Bali. This island is not as crowded as Bali. But when it talks about the beauty, there is no doubt. There are many beautiful beaches can be found here. It also has several surfing spots to explore. One of the famous surfing spots is The Desert Point. There also Mawun, Mawi and Point X. If you have enough time to explore this island, just try to visit those spots. Believe me, you will never regret it. But if you want to get the best surfing experience, make sure to come here in April to October.

2. Sumba Islands

nihiwatu surfing spot indonesia

photo by silverkris

Sumba Islands, East Nusa Tenggara. This place has the different kind of waves compared to the rest of Indonesia. Quality waves are waiting for you. And if you want it, you can get it at Nihiwatu. This spot really has a unique composition between river mouth, reefs and bays. And do you know something? The waves of this surfing spot is insane. Visit this place during the dry season andyou will meet Indian Ocean swells. Just for information, this wave can be up to 15 feet of high.

3. Sumbawa Islands

surf sumbawa island indonesia

photo by All Indonesia Travel

Surfing spot for all levels of surfers. This is what you will get in Sumbawa Islands. Sumbawa Islands are the islands east of Lombok. And just like the other surfing spots in Nusa Tenggara, you will never see a crowd or many tourists here. But this is a good for surfers. It means there is more space to surf. Just go to offshore to get the great waves. And if you want to get the best surfing experience, make sure to get there in the dry season.

4. Gili Air and Gili Trawangan

top surfing spot in indonesia

photo by Saltwater Dreaming

Both of them are the parts of the famous Gili Islands. These islands have been known for the beautiful beaches and the beautiful sea. But more than that, it also has the great surfing spots. The waves of Gili Air and Gili Trawangan is unique. They are not frequent. But when it comes, the wavewillbreakyour adrenaline for sure. It might be challenging. Even it can also be dangerous. This is why these spots are for the experienced surfers only. And since it can be unexpected, you must be careful.

5. Grajagan or G-Land

g-land indonesia best surfing spot

photo by

World class surfing spot, this is what you will get here. G-Land has more than just the great waves. This spot also has the unique and challenging characteristic with the dangerous reef. But you do not need to worry it. It also has hollow wall which is not as dangerous as you may think. But one thing for sure, it really has the world class barrels. The wind is also consistent and getting a good wave is not too difficult. But be careful with the sharp reef. If you want to get this experience, this surfing spot is located at East Java.

6. Mentawai Islands

Indonesia surfing spot mentawai islands

photo by National Geographic

Mentawai Islands are a group of islands at the West of Sumatra. But for surfers, these islands are the great source of surfing spots. Anything you expect for a surfing spot is here. Even it is not too crowded too. Several surfing spots such as Pitstop, Nipussi, E’bay and Beng-beng will give you the most consistent surf breaks. This is why they can be the perfect spots for serious surfers. If you want to get there, make sure to do it in the dry season. In this season, getting the good waves is not too difficult.

7. Panaitan Islands

panaitan island surfing spot

photo by Krakatau Tour

The best wave in the West Java, this is what you will get at Panaitan Islands. This is just a perfect spot for surfers. Besides having the good waves, there is no crowd along the beach too. In fact, this spot is not as crowded as Bali or even Lombok. And if you expect for the best surfing experience, Apocalypse will answer your expectation. This spot is just epic. Conquering this spot is not just giving you a proud. It will lead you to the higher surfing level for sure. If you want to get there, do it in the dry season. This is the best time to explore this spot and enjoy the waves.

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