Ranca Upas, Ciwidey, Bandung

If staying at hotel or motel is too boring for your vacation, then you might as well try camping. Ranca Upas in South Bandung is a great place for fun camping. Almost everybody can camp here, even people who are not used to outdoor activities. The 250-hectare area can be set up for about 10.000 people. Just note that Ranca Upas is pretty cold. The highest temperature here is only 20 degree and it may get below 0 degree at night. The camping ground is also called Kampung Cai. Overall, this place is safe for both children and adults to camp. You can warm your body at its hot spring. Besides camping, you can also feed deer. Ranca Upas is a conservational area so you will also find rare flora such as  Jamuju, Huru, Hamirug, Kihujan, and Kitambang. There is also play ground and waterboom.

Time / Schedule

24 hours

Best Time to Visit

5 am to sunrise


Wear suitable jackets and warm clothes and do not forget to bring sleeping bag. It is suggested that your camp ground is near to other’s tents. Even though the place is relatively safe, but keep your own belongings. Do not litter and it is better to bring cooking set than built campfire to avoid fire at the forest.

Getting There

It is recommended that you bring your own vehicle. Ranca Upas is not far from Ciwidey. Just ask local people if you find difficulty to find Ranca Upas.


Ciwidey Street, Patengan Rancabali

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