Rinjani National Park photo by Twisata

Rinjani National Park
photo by Twisata

So far, Rinjani is best-known as a favorite mountain to climb. Its status as the second highest volcano in Indonesia makes almost everybody want to get there. However, there is much and more to see at Rinjani National Park. At the entrance of Rinjani track, you usually pass Senaru village. The climbers usually pass through Senaru in their way back. Most of them prefer Sembalun to begin their journey to Rinjani’s peak.

Located in the slope of Rinjani, Senaru village offers panoramic attraction you should not miss. Senaru, with its Sasak tribe’s local wisdom has adventurous paths to track, local tradition to learn, fresh air to breathe, and the most famous one is the waterfalls. There are Sendang Gile (or Sendang Gila), Tiu Kelep, and Betara Lejang. They are the must-visit sites for the ultimate hikers.

Senaru Traditional Village photo by Bali Tourism Board

Senaru Traditional Village
photo by Bali Tourism Board

Hiking at Senaru is such a bonus after conquering Rinjani. There should be no problem to find access to get there. You will easily find guides to take you explore Senaru. One important keyword is still your skill at bargaining. Even though it seems to be reasonable for them to give expensive tariff, feel free to negotiate with them. Rinjani National Park management has also provided accomodation for tourists. You can easily find hotels, homestays, and restaurants there.

Senaru residents have certain method to arrange their housings. At the top of the arrangement is the leader’s traditinal house. The lower position of the houses indicates their position after the leader. Women in their period and couples who haven’t completed their marriage rituals are prohibitted to get into the leader’s house.

It is recommended to take an early morning walk to explore Senaru and heading to its three waterfalls. In the mist, you will see birds leaving their nests, tweeting and pecking on tree branches. You may see rare black ebony leaf monkeys, some deer, and macaque. The monkeys and deer will make that certain sound to attract their herds. Such morning cheerfulness brings positive feeling as you pass through the rainforest. The vegetative diversity like orchirds, pines, banyan tree, and other wallacean plants here is worth to notice. Butterflies dances here and there which makes you like in elvish land.

The sunrise from the far end of paddy terraces in your journey shines you with its soft golden light. After that, you will also find irrigation channel. It is the main pathway to go to the first waterfall: Sendang Gile.

Sendang Gile Waterfall Lombok photo by lombok traveler

Sendang Gile Waterfall Lombok
photo by lombok traveler

Sendang Gile is the nearest waterfall from Senaru entrance. It only takes about 15 minute walk. The water comes from lake Segara Anak and it is used for irrigation. Feel the freshness of sparkling water as you reach there. Do not hesitate to get wet and sense the splash of the stream of this 25-meter waterfall. The rainbow over the waterfall is another attraction which is a great object to take picture.

If you do not like to get wet that much, simply sit on one of the big rocks around the waterfall. Watch your step and be careful if you do not want to slip. Feel the thundering sound of the water as it comes down from atop the hill. The greenery on the both sides of Sendang Gile is such a serene view.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall Lombok photo by 1001wisata

Tiu Kelep Waterfall Lombok
photo by 1001wisata

To reach Tiu Kelep, you have to hike uphill for approximately 45 minutes. But your journey will not be that much exhausting because the green panorama and chilly air can simply recover that.The path is steep and you will cross a small and shallow river. At the end of the journey, you finally arrive at Tiu Kelep. It has 45 in height and will automatically make you wet even though you do not get into the water. It is better to take on waterproof jacket or raincoat. It is also okay if you do not do so because your clothes should be easily dry as you get back from the waterfall. Try to capture the waterfalls with your camera in various angles. It is just challenging and the result will not disapoint you.

Waterfall Batara Lejang Lombok photo by panduanwisata.id

Waterfall Batara Lejang Lombok
photo by panduanwisata.id

Need more heavy-metal route? Climb up higher to Betara Lejang. However, it is better not to get there if you are not an experienced hiker. Do not go there alone because the plants are so lush that you may get lost. It takes two hours of climbing to get to Betara Lejang. Located at Eaglewood Forest, its extreme landscape is the main attraction. You may say that it is like climbing the second Rinjani peak. Betara Lejang is actually the shortest among the three waterfalls. The view there is as beautiful as any other waterfall scenery. But it is the perfect place if you like more natural and quiet space to enjoy rainforest exoticism.

Senaru waterfalls have their own uniqueness. Either you decide to go to all of them or just one or two destinations, it will not make any difference to your adventurous journey.

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