Bali is not only about beautiful beaches or comfortable villas. you should try to visit traditional village. There, you will know the culture and local history. In Bali you can visit Penglipuran traditional village.

Penglipuran traditional village is located in Kubu Village, Bangli District, and Bangli Regency. It’s 700 MDPL, so you will find just a few of public transportation. Unfortunately, any transportation does not allow to get in Penglipuran traditional village. The reason for that is because of the house’s foundation and the street around the village is really be guarded. It’s also for the tourist and children’s comfort.

Penglipuran traditional village Bali, travel to Bali

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Therefore, rent a car is the best choice. It will takes 1,5 until 2 hours to go there. We recommend you to take South Gianyar track, because the street is more free. When you arrive there, you will see the beautiful orderly village. In there, we can feel the pure atmosphere and original culture of Bali which is does not touch with the modernism yet.The precious one is you will find that the type of every house there with same design. All of the gate and the roof is made of bamboo.

The number of the house in Penglipuran village from years ago till now is same, 76 houses. It becomes a unique fact. The local people call that Yard.There is one until six family in one yard. In the village, there are 20 homestays you can stay.

Penglipuran village Bali, places to visit in Bali


Tips for you to enjoy the scenery more relax is visit it on weekdays. You can be closer to the local people, the visitor can also watch the production of traditional drink “loloh cemcem” in the local people’s house.

The another advantage to visit Penglipuran traditional village is you will know ¬†with the local communities’ customary.Still, the village has isolation place named Karang Memadu. That isolation place is use for man who did polygamy. Polygamy is not allow there, it will brake the rule of common law. If a man do that, there will be a “Meracu” ritual for the punishment.

Penglipuran Bali traditional village, must visit places in Bali, Bali Holiday trip

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In Penglipuran traditional village, every house has four doors for the access to connect with neighbours. Kinship is very strong here, you do not have to worry about the people.I guarentee you,you will meet friendly person there. So, here is Penglipuran that you have to visit if you want enjoy the new impression and know well the original culture of Bali!

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