All this time people have praised Dieng as the only tourism destination in Wonosobo, Central Java. Actually, there are many more places in Wonosobo rather than Dieng worth visited. One of them is Lobang Sewu Erorejo. Lobang means hole and Sewu means one thousand. Erorejo is the name of the place. It is common for Javanese to call every place which has many identical spaces with the word “sewu.” Like Candi Sewu in Yogyakarta which consists of many temples, Lawang Sewu in Semarang, an antique building with many doors and windows, and so on.


Lobang Sewu Erorejo, Wonosobo
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So is the Lobang Sewu. The place consists of numerous holed chalk rocks which looks like you are in Grand Canyon in the United States. Because of its beauty, now more local people especially youngsters visit Lobang Sewu Erorejo just to relax and of course, do selfie. Profesional photographers are also put some interest in Lobang Sewu Erorejo. It seems like there are still few foreigners know about this place. Yeah, Lobang Sewu Erorejo started to gain its popularity when someone recently posted his or her selfie photos in social media. But of course you can do more than selfie here. Its location which is in the bank of Wadaslintang reservoir is perfect for trekking or walking along. If you ever visited Garuda Wisnu Kencana in Bali, then Lobang Sewu Erorejo would not be that different from that.

Feel the exoticism of blue relection from the reservoir water to the rocks. You can reach Lobang Sewu Erorejo after cruising Wadaslintang reservoir by using fishermen’s boats. According to some people, it is even more spectacular view if you look Lobang sewu from the boat. Do not miss the sunset from Lobang Sewu Erorejo. The combination of reservoir water view, the holed rocks, trees, and hills surrounded the place is just breathtaking. It feels like you do not want to leave this place soon.

lobang sewu erorejo entrance

Lobang Sewu Erorejo Entrance
photo by Wedangkopijahe

How to get there? If you are from Dieng, take a bus to Mendolo station or Rita Plaza intersection. After that, take a minibus to Sawangan intersection. From Sawangan, you have to get on the minibus once more which headed to Wadaslintang. However, usually you have to wait for relatively long time because the bus will not leave before getting many passengers. Therefore, you can rent a minibus if you travel in group and asked the driver to take you to Wadaslintang reservoir and tell him that you would like to visit Lobang Sewu Erorejo. The driver may give you useful information about the destination. If you are travelling solo, then you should know Indonesian everyday conversation to communicate with the driver. Do not worry, people here are friendly.

It is not easy to get there, but you will not regret because along the journey to Wadaslintang, a mesmerizing view of pine forest and traditional houses will make you feel refreshed. Wadaslintang is a place in Wonosobo near Kebumen, a southern coastal region of Central Java. No wonder that it takes such an effort to get there. Wadaslintang is about 43.8 km from the downtown of Wonosobo. Because of its potential, the village organization has taken initiative to develop the destination so that it is more accessible. They have a project to build a bridge so that tourists can trace Lobang Sewu more savely. Dry season (May-September) is the best time to enjoy the wonderful Lobang Sewu Erorejo. In the rainy season, the rock is slippery so it is not safe enough explore. In addition, Wadaslintang reservoir water usually overflows in rainy season. You had better visit here in weekdays because it is usually crowded when weekend. Youngsters like to do selfie and it may distract your enjoyment in looking through the Lobang Sewu.

Lobang Sewu Erorejo in Rainy Season

Lobang Sewu Erorejo in Rainy Season
photo by Wedangkopijahe

Not only to enjoy the scenery, you can also taste baked or steamed nila fish. The fish is cooked with wonosobo traditional recipe and served with rice and vegetable called lalap and spicy sauce. Not far from Lobang Sewu Erorejo, there are traditional restaurant or warung makan serving ikan nila.

You can also try to do fishing with fishermen while cruising Wadaslintang reservoir. The nila fish here is naturally breed so it has unique taste when cooked.

sunset lobang sewu erorejo wonosobo

You can enjoy the sunset at Lobang Sewu Erorejo Wonosobo
photo by fathurroman_

Visiting Lobang Sewu Erorejo will not be dull and boring because this place is so calm, serene, and natural. If you are interested in geology, Lobang Sewu Erorejo will be a great place to do a research. Afterall, there is seemingly much more about Lobang Sewu Erorejo we need to discover.

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