While travelling to Indonesia and stop to the capital city, you will probably need an escape for a while outside of the malls and high building fully city. Briefly speaking, Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Island) would be a sweet escape!

Kepulauan Seribu is a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta’s coast which has 13 islands to be discovered! 11 of them full with homes and resorts and the other 22 are historic parks. Kepulauan Seribu has 3 kelurahan: Untung Jawa, Pulau Pari and Pulau Tidung which each of them has their own islands! Untung Jawa has 15 islands while Pulau Pari has 10 islands and Pulau Tidung has 6 islands! You are provided with a lot of choices!

Since we Kepulauan Seribu offers a huge numbers of islands, in order to avoid you being confused, we will present several islands that are best known to visit!

  • Tidung Island

Several people say Kepulauan Seribu identic with Tidung. Located in Pulau Tidung Kelurahan, this island divided into two, the big one and small one which connected with a bridge. While the big one has a huge number of residents, the small one have none. Seems a perfect place to stay out from the crowd!

place to visit Jakarta tidung island

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Tidung is not recommended for you to surfing because there is no big waves exist. While the good news the waves never come because the coral reefs and clusters are surrounds the island which is perfect for you to enjoy the silence and get connected to the water and their friends! Do not also forget to discover both island by walking around into the wooden bridge.

things to do Tidung Island

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Fyi, to get a better experience, you should try to jump out to the water from the bridge which is known as a Jembatan Cinta (the bridge of love). Fun, exciting, and trusted to release the stress out. Try it out!

  • Pulau Semak Daun

While you can find a fine lodging in Pulau Tidung, in Semak Daun, you will be completely connected to the nature. There are no proper lodgings. You should prepare your tent, cook your own dinner, and be connected to the nature. Camping time!

place to visit around jakarta

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As the name, semak (bush), so you will find nothing except thicket. Well, as roses are protected by thorns, a beautiful white-sand beach is covered with bushes. The island is a perfect place to stay to enjoy the view, plus, it is close to several spot snorkeling, even diving.

things to do around Jakarta, Semak Daun Island

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While you have wonderful sea-activities, you will also have a camping time! For addition, bring your hammock to enjoy sunset-view-time!

  • Pulau Harapan (Hopping Island)

It’s time to dive and verify the treasureunder the sea. Who does not love being in the beautiful island surrounded by undamaged-beautiful corals?

Harapan Island place to visit kepulauan seribu

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Take a boat from Muara Angke dock for 3 hourse, Pulau Harapan is waiting for you with its surrounding island: Pulau Kelapa, Pulau Tongkeng, Pulau Bira, Pulau Kayu Angin Bira, Pulau Bilat, Pulau Bintang, etc. If you know Ir. Dr. Soeharto, the second president of Republic Indonesia, it is his.

things to do in harapan island snorkeling

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Visiting Pulau Harapan is not complete without snorkeling. A beautiful-undamaged corals are waiting for you.

Spare your time to visit turtle breeding centre in Pulau Kelapa. It is best to walk through the bridge from Pulau Harapan, but if you have not try becak, it is available for you!

  • Pulau Macan

If you are looking for fine luxury lodgings, Pulau Macan could give you some. Like Tidung, Pulau Macan divided into two, the big one with a lot lodgings and the small one with none.

Macan Island, Tiger Island place to visit in Indonesia

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We can say that Pulau Macan is the most alive island because they offer several facilities such as Club House which is a main building to enjoy the buffet meal. It is also counted as a relaxed-room which you can watch DVD or just reading, while Bamboo Bar & Sundeck is a place for you who want to mingle with other guest or just got sun-kissed. Do not worry, there are also huts provided to you enjoy the sunset!

beach indonesia island

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Well, the visitors in Pulau Macan are restricted in order to make every visitor enjoy every little time! Pst, if you are planning your honeymoon, Pulau Macan is worth it!

  • Pulau Pari

Started with unpopulated, now Pulau Pari is familiar with tourist local and even international. Filled with Perawan sand, Pulau Pari also has marine research to visit. They have plenty of coral reefs from soft corals, brain corals, labirith corals, etc.

place to visit around kepulauan seribu

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Unlike the most islands, Pulau Pari is a freshwater island and in one particular time, the island is surrounded with big fish. Not as crowd as Tidung and the other islands make this is the perfect escape for you.

Well, you will probably only need a week in Kepulauan Seribu to discover several islands, because National Monument and other Jakarta’s beauty are waiting you!

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