Malang, it has been known as a city of apple and a highland with its natural beauty. Thanks to this, many people visit this place and grow this city as one of the popular tourism spots in Indonesia. But the best thing about Malang will always be related to the height. Its height creates a unique impression. It makes this city looks romantic and perfect for honeymoon. You may like to know about the best destinations in Malang for this. And now, we will give you a good list. This is the list of Romantic Spots in the city of apple.

1. Selecta Flower Garden

best destinations in malang


Do you ever dream about visiting a beautiful flower garden? A flower garden is something rare, especially in the big city. It looks like a dream world. Just imagine it. If you have a chance to visit a beautiful flower garden with your lover, course it will be something memorable. It strengthen your bond and grows your love for sure. This is possible actually. Malang has a good place for this. And yes, that place has been called as Selecta Batu Malang.

Selecta is truly one of the most beautiful places in Malang. It is located at the foothills surrounded by Arjuno Mountain, Welirang Mountain and Anjasmoro Mountain. The green view covers this area and fully it with the fresh air. But the real beauty of this place is located at the flower garden itself. It just fully with flowers and looks so colorful. It makes Selecta beautiful on the look. This is perfect for honeymoon. If you expect for a romantic tourism spot, Selecta must be on the list.

2. Coban Rondo Waterfall

best destinations in malang coban rondo


Malang has been known for its height. Thanks to this, Malang has many tourism spots complete with the beauty of the highland. If you visit this city, there is one place to try. That place is Coban Rondo waterfall, a beautiful work of the nature.

Coban Rondo is a typical of a highland tourism. Fresh air is something that you can enjoy here. Feel the cool air and enjoy the beautiful view, all of them will make your visit more memorable. And of course, it will be a perfect destination to visit with your lover. But the good thing about Coban Rondo is not just about the beauty of the nature. It also has a unique structure.

best destinations honeymoon in malang


Near the waterfall there is labyrinth garden. You can try the labyrinth garden with your lover and take a good picture. With all of the attractions, this place can be one of the best holiday destinations for sure. Even the attraction can be more meaningful when you visit it with your lover too.

3. Tiga Warna Beach

tiga warna beach malang best destinations


Malang is not just about highland tourism. It also has the other tourism spots, including beach tourism. Tiga Warna Beach is a good example for this. This beach is located at the side of the Indian Ocean or south of Malang. But there is nothing to worry. The wave is pretty friendly here.

Tiga Warna Beach is truly a beautiful beach. Even it can be one of the best beaches in Java. The water is blue with gradation color and the sand is white. The beach looks clean and the water is clear. To get there you must book because the limitations visitors (for reservation by phone 0812-3333-9889). This is a typical of the best destinations for honeymoon. You can enjoy the beautiful view and look the three color of the water, Tiga Warna means three color. Just try to have fun in the beach. If you want, you can swim or rent a life jacket so you can snorkeling.

4. Balekambang Beach

best destinations malang balekambang


For the last, we have Balekambang Beach. This is one of the most popular destinations in Malang. When you visit it, you will see a unique structure on the beach. It seems like a small island with a temple on it. This is just like Tanah Lot at Bali. And one thing for sure, the beauty of the beach will make everyone miss this place. This is why it has become one of the most beautiful places and a good place to visit with your lover.

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