Bali, it is well known as a paradise of Indonesia and as a source of tourism spots. This is make a sense considering about tons of tourism spots here. With all of these spots, finding a place to visit can be problematic sometimes, especially when it talks about a family friendly tourism spot. But there is nothing to worry. If you are planning to visit Bali with your family and cannot find a spot to visit yet, you may want to consider about these places to visit.

1. Bali’s Turtle Island

things to do in bali visit turtle island


Nature and culture, these are two things that make people visit Bali. And in term of natural tourism spot, Bali has more than just tons of beaches. This beautiful island is also has Turtle Island, a small island located at Tanjung Benoa Bali Beach. If the most natural tourism spots offer a beautiful sightseeing, Turtle Island has more than it. There are many things to do here. You can join Turtle Island tour or get a great experience in a glass bottom boat tour.

Glass bottom boat tour can be a good activity to do with your family. It is perfect for children under 10 years too. You can see the beauty of the underwater and learn something new from Bali’s water life. Of course, it can be a good media for children to learn about nature and why people need to protect it.

2. Kuta Bali Waterboom

waterboom bali places to visit with family


Kuta is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. But one thing to know, this beach is not just having a good beach and a good view. It also has a great spot for adventure. Waterboom of Kuta Bali, this is one of the great places to visit in Kuta, Bali. There are many water games here. You do not need to worry about the safety of your kids and family. Safety is the main concern of the management. If you still worry about this, you may be calmer after hearing that the waterboom has international standard to ensure its safety.

What you can find here? There are tons of water games in Kuta Bali Waterboom. But more than it, this place also has 3.8 hectare water slides, massage and spa treatment center, restaurant and bar. If you visit this place, do not miss those things to do.

3. Bali Safari and Marine Park

places to visit in bali safari marine park

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What is it? Bali Safari and Marine Park is a source of flora and fauna. This is a house of the various animals. At least, there are 50 species, including the rare animals. As a safari park, it adopts an open concept that allows the visitors to interact with the animals. All of the animals are living in the open world and live free without a cage. There is nothing to worry. The safety of the visitors will always be the priority of the management.

Considering about the concept of Bali Safari and Marine Park, you may think this is just similar with the other places. But this opinion will not last for a long time. When you visit it, you will see the touch of the Bali culture too. Bali Safari and Marine Park has a design of ambience and Bali ornament. So when you visit it, you will see it stills in Bali.

4. Cottage Pekak Ubud

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Are you looking for something different? Or maybe, you are looking for a cultural tourism now? If this is what you want, there is one place to try. And yes, that place is Ubud. Ubud can be called as a representation of Bali villages and the life of its villagers. The environment, the nature and the culture, all of them are just amazing. There is a unique feeling between relaxing, peace and warmth. But in Cottage Pekak Ubud, you and your family can get more than that. You can also learn something new about the knowledge of the nature and how to live with it.

Cottage Pekak Ubud is a place of culture. You can learn about the art of Bali, especially the traditional music and the traditional dance. This lesson is available for children. For that, it can be a perfect place for your kids and must be one of the must-visited places to visit.

5. Alas Kedaton

alas kedaton places to visit in bali

Monkeys roaming the temple of Alas Kedaton

The people of Bali have been known as religious community and well aware of the nature. They also respect to a species of wild life, monkey. In Alas Kedaton, you will see the reason. In here, tons of monkeys live for free. They live in their nature and make a good interaction with people. You have to visit it to see if that is true.

When you visit Alas Kedaton, you also need to be aware with the monkeys. Sometimes they can be naughty. Keep your stuff and do not be too flashy. If you visit Alas Kedaton, do not miss the chance to give peanuts or fruits to them. It will be one of the great things to do in this place.

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