Located in the westernmost point of Indonesian archipelago, Weh Island offers some panoramic places for you to visit, including 0 KM (Kilometer Nol) monument. Not only  a great place to hunt stunning photographs, Kilometer Nol is also one of those perfect places for adventure tourism. Trekking along rocky hills, driving along remote path, and walking around Kilometer Nol while enjoying the culture and landscape to release stress.

Kilometer Nol monument is in Sabang, Aceh, a special province in Indonesia. Aceh is the only place in Indonesia that holds sharia law to its citizens and also to people visiting there. It is the same law applied in Arab. Therefore, you should wear appropriate clothes and do not drink alcohol unless in some rare local bar in Sabang.

kilometer 0 sabang weh

Kilometer 0 Sabang
photo by Sengpaku

Aceh is also known as “Veranda of Mecca” because in the past, Aceh was a place to transit traders from Gujarat and other middle east countries. Those traders then interact with Malayan people and some of them got married with Aceh people or decided to settle in Aceh. So no wonder that the first Islamic kingdom in Indonesia, Samudra Pasai, took place in this special province.

Suffering from damage as the result of tsunami in 2004, local residents especially Sabang have been recovered and rebuilt their region even though they will never forget how monstrous the disaster was. Most of them now live with less family and friend who died in tsunami.

Back to the journey to Kilometer Nol, you will find colonial buildings on the way to monument. When Dutch colonised Indonesia, they also brought those big trees from Suriname. That is why it is such a unique combination of art deco buildings and African trees in a tropical area. Visiting beaches in Weh is such a pleasure since they were not so well known before tsunami.

Iboih Beach Sabang, Weh

Iboih Beach Sabang, Weh
photo by aneukrantau30

The Kilometer Nol point is near to Gapang and Iboih beach, but it is noted as in Iboih district. It is about 29 km from Sabang. As you reach there, do not forget to take some pictures and you will also get a certificate as a memento from Sabang mayor. Isn’t it a pride to reach the symbol of Indonesian westernmost point?

As mentioned before, it is the journey to get to Kilometer Nol you should not miss. Residing in conservational forest area, the surrounding of Kilometer Nol is rich with spectacular landscape as well as Asian protected fauna. Watch out as you walk because some monkeys may appear in an instant from trees. There are also boars but they will not harm you unless they are threatened. Butterflies and birds are everywhere, which makes you like in “Alice in Wonderland.” After that Alice-in-Wonderland walk, then here we go, the Kilometer Nol Monument. The monument base is made from 50-cm-diameter circle cement. The main building has 22.5 meters in height and painted in white. On the top of the monument sits a Garuda holding black marble engraved with Kilometer Nol’s geographical position.  Sunset from Kilometer Nol is just superb. With golden sky, breezy tropical climate, and islet landscape, your exhaustion will simply disappear.

Since inaugurated in 1997 by former research and technology minister B.J Habibie, Kilometer Nol has gain significant notice from tourists. Indonesian’s zero point is inspired by an Indonesian national song “Dari Sabang Sampai Merauke” composed by R. Surarjo in Indonesian revolution era. Actually, Indonesian’s utmost western point is an islet called Lhee Blah. It is because Lhee Blah is too tiny and remote so Lhee Blah is not well-known. You may say that the monument is simply a symbol that you are in the westernmost point of Indonesia. If you like, you can charter small boat to take you to Lhee Blah to feel the sensation of the real westernmost (and northernmost at the same time) point of the country.

Rubiah Island, Weh

Rubiah Island, Weh
photo by usjourneytravel

Beaches along Sabang are too wonderful to pass by. It is better that you visit one of the beaches. Even though Aceh holds sharia law which instructs people to wear hijab for women and trousers or sarong for men, tourists can sunbathe in some beaches. You can ask local people where the tourists are permitted to wear bikinis or swimsuit. If you want to stay, Sumur Tiga beach provides bungalows where you can spend your leisure time on the shore.

For divers, Rubiah islet is a perfect place for you. Its teal water as well as natural scene completes your diving and snorkeling experience.

Dive Spot Rubiah Islands

Dive Spot Rubiah Islands
photo by Rahmat Hadi

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