As people say, “when we are too stress of the city, we need vitamin sea.”. The clear water, the blue sky, the smell of the wet air, the sand against our skin, what could be possibly goes wrong with that?

It is not surprising that Indonesian island become one of the most attractive destinations as the wave known pretty good, the sea biota are magnificent and the local that is so friendly.

If we are talking about island and beach, Bali probably will pops up first. Briefly speaking, Indonesia has a lot much more than Bali. We have several lists of hidden island that you should consider to visit in order to have a fresh, not mainstream, huge experience moment. Plus, you can also refresh your mind and feel own the place because the good news is, these destinations have not been too popular, so it is your turn to enjoy it before it is polluted.

Togean Island

Come along to Sulawesi where you can find this hidden island located in the Central Sulawesi, Kabupaten TojoUna-una. To get this island, you can go from Palu to Ampana by bus then take a boat to Wakai or go from Gorontalo by car to Marisa then take a boat to Dolong or Wakai.

Best diving spot Indonesia, Sulawesi, Togean Island

Togean is perfect for you who like to see the treasure of the island, animal lovers and for you who wants to get in touch with the ethnic local people.

Around 262 coral species with 4 types: fringing reef, barrier reef, patch reef and atoll spread in 25 spots which made this island popular through its sea biota and become the important coral ecosystem of ‘coral triangle’. So, make sure you did not miss anything through diving, snorkeling, fishing and feeling this fresh sea biotic that have not been too much touch by the tourists.

Best diving spot Indonesia, Sulawesi, Togean Island

Animals also take part to make this island looks so alive, they have 596 kinds of fish and 555 kinds of mollusk. Sea turtle, pilot whale, giant clams, ray manta, grey coral shark, big eyes trevally, spectral tarsier (tangkasi), cuscus, deer, crab (ketam kenari), Togean monkey, lizard, and other animals that only exist in Togean are everywhere.

Sanctum una una eco dive, diving spot Indonesia Togean

Visiting new places would not be complete without get in touch with the locals. There is nothing wrong to stay a week or two with Bajo people, the tribe who live in Kabalutan. The population around 3000 lives which 90% of them are fisherman. One thing you cannot find in the city is you will hardly find a land, because the houses were built in the shallow marine. Who wants a perfect relaxing holiday? Togean is perfect for you because electricity and water only on from 6PM to 11PM WITA. Such a fine excuse ignoring your smartphone for a while, huh?

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Bulupoloe Island

Compete with Togean island which has a magnificent sea lives, Bulupoloe could offer you something more: the beautifulness of the mountain views and white sands all around the beach. Same with Togean, Bulupoloe natural beauty stands out, has not been touched by many tourists and pollution.

Beautiful places in Indonesia, Sulawesi holiday spot

Located in East Luwu district, South Sulawesi, 500 KM from Makassar, Bulupoloe offers the white sand, clear blue sky, beautiful corals, colorful fish and other sea biotic that could probably made you stay in the water the whole day.

Bulupoloe is the perfect place where you can be the trendsetter just after you went home. The island has not had many touched by the tourists, but still they have its main attraction.

Bulupoloe Sulawesi, Holiday in Indonesia

photo by David Paiba

If Togean offers you to get to know the locals by visiting its houses and places, in Bulupoloe, you will be served their traditional meal. Well, taste their meal is another way to get to know their people and its culture.

As its beautifulness, Bulupoloe is the right place for you who want to spend the last day while travelling in Sulawesi. A perfect day to spend and release the tired, stress, and you will be cured in a couples of hours by seeing its wonderfulness.


If you keep feeling thirsty of the smell of the water every day, Takabonerate is presented for you. Located 300KM away from Makassar, 21 islands in this area are waiting to be visited. Big Tinabo is the big island, but apparently it is well known among tourists.

National Park Takabonerate

Corals in National Park Takabonerate are the biggest in Indonesia or the biggest third in the world which have three kinds: fringing reef, barrier and atoll, besides, there are still 261 left awaiting you.

One thing that will amaze you is a meadow under the sea. Probably it is a national park for the sea biota including 362 fish species that live in there. Plus, enjoying the sunset is another

So, are you ready to discover the beautifulness of Sulawesi? Spare your time at least a month to discover it! Make sure you satisfied and did not miss anything!

feeding baby shark Takabonerate

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