Lombok, a hidden paradise east of Bali. This island is a part of West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia province and a group of Lesser Sunda Islands. If you ever visit to Bali, it should be the next place to visit. This is a dream island that you cannot imagine before.

Lombok has tons of tourism spots. Many places are still untouched. If there is one thing to say about this island, it must be another side of Indonesia paradise. It is difficult to spend a holiday only in a few days, especially in Lombok. At least you need a week to explore this island and see the overall beauty of Lombok. But if you do not have much time for this, at least try to visit these places.

1. The Gili Islands

places to visit in lombok, must see lombok gili

Gili Islands are tiny islands near Lombok. It also called as 3 paradise islands withGili Trawangan as the Main Island and Gili Meno and Gili Air as the complementary of this paradise. You can reach this places in 20 minutes by boat.It really hasa beautiful sea. This is the main attractions of these islands. In your visit, make sure to try scuba diving, snorkeling or just swimming. Trust me. You won’t regret it. If you visit Lombok, you have to visit these islands.

2. Senggigi Beach

lombok must sees senggigi, places to visit in lombok

Do you like a natural tourism? If you do, you must be enjoy Senggigi Beach. This is not just a great place with the great sight. It also known as one of the most popular surf spots for tourists or locals. Its facility is also complete. There are many hotels and restaurants here. Going out at night can also be a good idea. It allows you to see the different side of Senggigi area.

3. Pusuk Monkey Forest

lombok must sees monkey forest, places to visit in lombok

Walk around and take a look to the nature of Lombok is something that never be enough to enjoy. When you see one thing, you will expect to see the other things. But Lombok has many tourism spots for its visitors. Pusuk Money Forest is like a source of forest money in Lombok. Numerous wild monkeys can be found here. They are live for free, so be careful and take a look to your stuff and bags. Another interesting thing about this place is about the view of the mountain. It stills natural. Just try to take a breath and take the winding road. Trust me. This is so relaxing.

4. Mawun Beach

lombok must sees mawun beach, beaches in lombok, places to visit in lombok

A hidden paradise. These arethe words to describe this beach. The view is just great and looks so empty. It is like a world class beach but without its crowd. Something that you cannot find in many beautiful beaches out there. You can see the soft white sand and feel it too. The sea is so clear like a blue jewelry in the edge of the island.Sometimes the waves can be heavy. But anyway, the beach is safe to swim. You have to try it if you visit this beach. Since it does not have a good access, you need a motorbike to access this beach.

5. Mount Rinjani

mount rinjani, lombok must sees mount rinjani, lombok best destinations, places to visit in lombok

Lombok has the great spots for adventurers. One of them is Mount Rinjani. This mountain is also known as the second highest volcano in Indonesia. As the second highest volcano in Indonesia, it makes this mountain visible from the most places in Lombok for sure. If you interested with this adventure and want to take this challenge, you guided tours are available to book. The most guided tours will lead you to the top of the tourist spots and the Crater Lake.

6. Selong Belanak

lombok must sees selong, places to visit in lombok, best destinations lombok

Beautiful, wide and shallow, that is the description of Selong Balanak Beach. It just like a wide playground on the edge of the island. You can also see fishermen and their boats here. And just like the other beaches in Lombok, this beach looks so empty. But it does not mean the beach is boring or uninteresting. In fact, this is one of the most recommended beaches in Lombok.

7. Tanjung Aan

lombok must sees tanjung aan, places to visit in lombok, best destinations lombok, lombok beaches

Lombok is like the source of the beautiful beaches. And if you want to see another paradise in Lombok, Tanjung Aan must be the next destination. The white sand and turquoise sea look like a perfect combination of a beach view. If you want to see the beach from the better side, you have to try to climb the rock. This is the best spot to enjoy the view of this beach.

8. Lombok’s Waterfalls

trip to tiu kelep waterfall, trip to sendang gile waterfall, lombok must sees waterfalls, places to visit in lombok, best destinations lombok

Beach is not the only attraction of Lombok. There is a different natural tourism attractions on the northern part of this island too. In fact, this is the place where the breathtaking waterfalls lie. At least, there are 3 waterfalls on the northern part of the island such as Tiu Kelep, Tiu Teja and Sendang Gile. And in the center of the island, you can also find the other waterfalls such as Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu.

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