Travelling to Indonesia, probably these 3 places would not be in your list. Briefly speaking, these 3 places are best known for locals. Well, if you are reading the same book with others, you already know the ending. Travelling to a place where has not been touched by too many international tourists would be very beneficial for you: know Indonesia better, become a trendsetter, have a wonderful and quality experience which have not been experienced with many people.

Sukabumi, Bandung and Carita are three top destinations for you to visit. If you have companion, ask them to ride a car or you can just go freely where the wind blows.


What is the best way to enjoy travelling as local? Experience it like a local! While the farmer picking tea leaves, well, help them on it. You can have the experience whilst you also could discover the farm. Stop when you are tired and enjoy the tea with the best companion, the given nature with a panoramic view of tea at Halimun Hills, Pangrango Mountain. Anyway, pick up the strawberries and enjoy it with the tea is a good idea.

Things to do in Sukabumi, Tea Plantation

Things to do in Sukabumi, Tea Plantation
photo from Yukpegi

After having fun in the mountain, there is a need to go down below into the beach. Who wants surfing? Well, Ombak Tujuh in Ujung Genteng is best known as the most famous surfing beaches in Indonesia because of its extreme surfing and best waves. If you did not bring your surf board, at least kayaking is provided for you! There are also Pantai Cibuaya and Pantai Pangumbahan if Ujung Kulon is not enough for you.

Ombak Tujuh beach at Ujung Genteng Sukabumi

Ombak Tujuh beach at Ujung Genteng Sukabumi
photo from hulaa

Even located a pretty far from Ujung Genteng beach, Curug Cikaso is worth to visit. Three beautiful waterfalls stand still with 6 until 7 meters high. Who wants to skip it? In Sundanese, curug means waterfall. Yes, you read it well. You will get wet again! Plus, it is the best place for you to uncovered the nature and get relaxed. Other curug that you could discover is Curug Luhur, even not as popular as Cikaso. Then, Curug Cingangsa has a versatile type of waterfall.

Curug Cikaso Ujung Genteng

Curug Cikaso Ujung Genteng
photo by


Before heading to Carita which best known as its beaches, it is good to back to the city which to find the youngness and the vibes of urbanism.  Bandung most known as its creativity and arts, proved by many artists and innovations come from Bandung. To prove it, make sure you visit its factory outlets and hang out places!

Kawah Putih, Bandung

The Mystical lake Kawah Putih, Bandung
photo from tripsantai

Those are what people offer you. Meanwhile, Bandung also has a beautiful nature to offer. Wake up early and go to Kawah Putih where you can find a huge view of beautiful lake. Surrounded by white sand and the change of the lake color’s which is bluish to whitish green or brown, no wonder why this is the best tourism place among locals and international.

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain
photo by asianbackpacker

After enjoying the lake, it is good to visit a volcano mountain, Tangkuban Perahu (upturning boat) who keep releases gas sulfur after its last erupted in 1959. Best known as its Legend story, Sangkuriang who kicked a boat until flip out because he has failed to fulfill his mother’s faith which is build a boat in a day which failed him to marry her. The crater is the best view of this place. Do not say you went to Bandung before visiting its best legend story spot. Well, have the place and plus the history, right?

Dinner at Kampung Daun, Bandung

Dinner at Kampung Daun, Bandung

After spending a whole day, there is no harm to enjoy dinner at ethnic place, the most favorite tourism place, Kampung Daun, where you can taste Indonesian traditional dining in woody hut. Located in up high, designed in wood, make this place even colder but still remain the famous place.

If you stay in weekend, spare an hour or two to walk around Dago to feel the hipsters’ vibes around. Pst, do not ride any transportation if you do not want to stuck in the traffic.


Who says we need to go far across the island to get a beautiful beaches view? While you are in Java, try to visit Carita, known as its beach which is the most favorite escape for local urban people.

Carita Beach

Carita Beach, Banten
photo from initempatwisata

Carita could not offer you much water-activities beside water-games such as banana boat and parasailing, but if you want something special, join the fisherman to go fishing. If you are lucky, ask them to go to Popole, the private island where you can enjoy white sand, beautiful scenery with no people around.

Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park
photo by Ujung Kulon Ecotourism

Visiting Carita would not complete without visiting Ujung Kulon, the first Indonesian National Park where you can find Java one-horned rhinoceros, the rarest large animal on earth. Note that the rhinos are hardly to see except in dry season. While meeting the rarest animals, you can experience canoeing at Cigenter River and jungle trekking.

ava one horned rhinoceros, Ujung Kulon National Park

Java one horned rhinoceros, Ujung Kulon National Park
photo by Pena Biru

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